Program Notes
Along with a snippet of text Dr. Phelps shared with Bart Woodstrup before his death, the sound sources in 4 DP are inspired by my personal memories of Dr. Phelps . These sources are used in a system I developed in later studies that applies machine learning to the task of building a creative agent working in the domain of music composition. While I am unsure of how DP would feel about this approach to composition, the chance to contemplate his work I this light has brought new insights into how much I gained by knowing him.

Biographical Sketch
M. Anthony “Tony” Reimer’s award-winning compositions, sound designs, and interactive works have been heard and seen in venues across the country and internationally for over 30 years. His passion is designing sound effects and writing music for live theatre, film, video games and interactive experiences. In addition to an active freelance career in theatrical sound design, Tony has also served as a sound designer and composer on many video projects and as the audio director and composer for the Mutiny Games company. He has also designed and implemented multiple interactive installations and data sonification projects nationally and internationally. Currently, Tony teaches theatrical sound design and arts technology at Illinois State University as well as at UIUC. He is also an active researcher in the domain of experimental performance where his work has included projects like like a framework for collaborative development of multi-user virtual worlds, audience interaction technology through the use of mobile devices, and support for telematic (a.k.a., co-located) performances. A complete list of works and other materials can be found at: http://www.toneguy.net/about.html.