Program Notes
Letter writing has nearly been lost to e-mail, texts, and emojis. Additionally, cursive handwriting is continually being dropped from curricula across this country. I speak for myself on this, but I keep most forms of hand-written letters, notes, and cards simply for the thoughtfulness and time that it takes to write something by hand. Re:cursive explores this nearly lost form of communication. The video follows an abstract narrative of a person writing a letter to a non-descriptive recipient. The cursive text is transformed into new worlds using 3D animation. Most of the sounds heard in the piece are derived from recordings using a contact microphone taped to a wooden table as I wrote, drew, and scribbled on paper. I chose other sounds that related to the noisiness of writing to use in the composition.

Biographical Sketch
Phillip Sink composes music that is marked with humor, expressive textures, and colorful soundscapes. Much of his music is inspired by social awareness, the human experience, science, and art. In addition to traditional composition for voice and acoustic instruments, he composes audiovisual works that combine video with electronics. As of 2017, he serves as Assistant Professor of Music Composition Theory at Northern Illinois University.
He is the recipient of many awards including the Hermitage Prize given by the 2015 Aspen Music Festival; the Best Music Submission Award at the 2015 International Computer Music Festival; three Indiana University Dean’s Prizes for best orchestral, chamber, and electronic music; Ensemble 212 Call for Scores; Innovox Ensemble Call for Scores; Boston New Music Initiative Call for Scores, Kuttner String Quartet Composition Competition; and NOTUS Prize for Choral Composition. His electroacoustic music has been selected for presentation at conferences such as the International Computer Music Conference; SEAMUS; Arts and Science Days in Bourges, France; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival; National Student Electroacoustic Music Event; and the Electroacoustic Barn Dance.
Phillip received bachelor’s degrees in music composition/theory and music education from Appalachian State University and master’s degrees in music composition and music theory pedagogy from Michigan State University where he served as a graduate assistant in music theory. Phillip was a doctoral fellow at the Jacobs School of Music where he earned a doctoral degree (DM) in music composition with minors in electronic music and music theory. At Indiana University, he served as an associate instructor of composition where he taught courses such as Free Counterpoint, Notation, and Composition for Non-Majors. In 2016-2017, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow of Music Composition at University of Missouri. At Mizzou, he taught courses in electronic music and composition, served as the director of the Electronic Music Studio, and assisted with the Mizzou New Music Initiative. He studied electronic music with Jeffrey Hass and John Gibson and acoustic composition with Don Freund, Claude Baker, David Dzubay, Aaron Travers, Sven-David Sandström, Ricardo Lorenz, Jere Hutcheson, and Scott Meister.