Program Notes

Biographical Sketch
Indianapolis-born Tori Ervin is a composer, sound designer, and performer studying at Oberlin Conservatory's Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) department, class of 2019. As a child, she was inspired by her brother's drawings and illustrations depicting lush, fantastical worlds. Knowing she wished to follow in his footsteps but unsure how, it wasn't until she discovered violin at age 11 that she felt truly empowered to create.

As a lifelong lover of storytelling, Tori's belief in the transformative power of stories shows in her work. In her compositions for fixed media, video games, film, audio dramas, and more, she explores themes of queerness, alienation, growth, and healing through explorations of vibrant, abstract soundscapes. Above all, Tori strives to create sonic worlds that are both deeply immersive and emotionally moving.

Tori thanks her teachers, her peers, and her family, in particular her brother, without the support of whom she certainly would not be where or who she is today.