Program Notes
“Below the surface I lie dreaming,
haunting images, in all colours and black.
Sunlit sometimes there is no sun there.
I keep the dream below the surface,
the cracked mask absolute.”

― Wynand de Beer

Biographical Sketch
Trained as a composer and violinist, Mark Zaki's intermedia and video work often considers how modes of perception are changing in modern life. Probing subjects such as authenticity of identity, self-curation, and virtual anonymity question our view of personal interaction in a contemporary world.

Many of his pieces are populated with uncanny characters that become fragmented in their relationships to their environment and their own identity. His work is influenced by visual music practice and music composition, aesthetically referencing visual abstraction, non-conventional film, and montage.

Zaki’s work has been presented by the NY Philharmonic Biennial, National Sawdust, New Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto), the Boston and NYC Visual Music Marathons, the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, Third Practice, the Not Still Art Festival (NYC), Nuit Bleue (France), the Seoul International Computer Music Festival, SEAMUS, Primavera en La Habana (Cuba), and the Pulse Field International Exhibition of Sound Art (Atlanta).

On the faculty at Rutgers University, Camden - he lives and works in Princeton, NJ and divides his time between New York City and Philadelphia.