Homage and Refuge

Program Notes
Homage and Refuge (2017) is what the Middle Indo-Aryan Pali language, subtractive synthesis, Theravada Buddhism, pulse waves with resonant filters, The Anglican Chant Psalter, digital vocal encoding and decoding, and 14th-century anchorite and English mystic Julian of Norwich all have in common. It is a solemn bow to the great Unity of Being that any one of us might glimpse in a moment of clarity. “Honor to the blessed, worthy, fully self-enlightened. To awakened being for refuge I go. To sound teaching… To seekers in community… All shall be well…”

Biographical Sketch
Peter Hulen is a composer whose works are heard at conferences and festivals across the USA and abroad. He is Professor of Music Emeritus at Wabash College in Indiana where he taught theory, composition, and electronic music. He lives in St. Louis, and teaches theory at Webster University. He received a B.M. from the University of Tulsa, an M.M. from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He composes, sings in a choir, gardens, cooks, and tries to maintain some kind of contemplative practice.