The Syncing Stick

Program Notes
Lip-syncing is pervasive in our popular media. What we watch is live, but what we hear is pre-recorded. This piece is the opposite—at least at first, sort-of. I composed and learned a rather elaborate drum solo, and then filmed it from many angles. Then these different views were meticulously edited together in order to give the viewer a close and musically relevant view throughout. In performance, the live drummer follows an animated score which allows for synchronization with the pre-recorded video. Most audience members will find themselves watching the screen, even as a real live person is creating the sounds that they are hearing. At first, the recorded video contains no audio. After a while however, pre-recorded sounds DO appear, and the live drummer "air drums" to these pre-recorded sounds (as the screen drummer now sits quietly). In the final section the pre-recorded screen drummer breaks away and initiates a duet with the live drummer.

Biographical Sketch
A composer, percussionist and teacher, Patrick Long (b.1968) grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and received degrees in composition from Syracuse University (B.M.) and the Eastman School of Music (M.M., D.M.A.). He has completed over 90 premiered works for orchestra, band, chamber ensembles, soloists, young players, theatre and film. He is best known however for his percussion music and for his works that combine live performers with fixed media or interactive electronics. His pieces have been performed in nearly all 50 states and throughout Europe and Asia.

As a percussionist he performs regularly in the orchestral and chamber realms, presents recitals of his own live electro-acoustic music, and continues to be an active practitioner of pop music with central Pennsylvania’s most imposing all-professor band, Faculty Lounge. As a teacher he has instructed students of all ages in both composition and percussion, and has built a distinctive composition program at Susquehanna University, where he has taught since 2000.

He resides in Shamokin Dam, PA with his wife Julie, daughter Renée and son Brendan.