breath across song

Program Notes
breath across song is based on the poem, Wake, by Wayla Chambo as part of her TranScript Project. With its vibrating energy and shifting colors, wake evokes vivid imagery of changes in nature and states of being. I aimed to paint the text with subtle pitch inflection, timbral variation, and tone coloration in the flute part with complementary textures to augment the instrument in the fixed media part. I was also drawn to shifting between transparency and opaqueness in the sound as well as how subtle changes in air flow shape the different timbres.

Biographical Sketch
Aurie Hsu is a composer, pianist, and dancer. She performs with the Remote electroAcoustic Kinesthetic Sensing (RAKS) system, a wireless sensor interface for belly dance developed with composer Steven Kemper. Aurie’s works have been presented at NIME, ICMC, MOCO, SEAMUS, SIGCHI, the Logos Tetrahedron Concert Hall (Belgium), Cite International des Arts (France), and the TivoliVredenburg (The Netherlands). She has recently received awards from the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Commission and the International Computer Music Association. She completed a Ph.D. in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia and holds degrees Oberlin Conservatory and Mills College. Aurie is Assistant Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts in the Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) department at the Oberlin Conservatory.