Program Notes
Transchem reflects the experiences a transgender child might face when going through the journey that is their transition (from being associated with their biological sex to their gender identity). These experiences are portrayed by audio recordings of several transgender youths talking about their transition, particularly how they knew they were born the wrong sex, as well as what reactions they’ve experienced as a result of their transition. There are also audio recordings of close relatives and friends of these transgender people talking about how they feel about the transition.

Biographical Sketch
American composer Hannah Hitchen (b. 1997) writes for a wide range of genres, including various chamber ensembles and solo works, as well as works for fixed media. Hitchen is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Acoustic and Electronic Composition at the University of South Florida, where she studies with Paul Reller and Dr. Baljinder Sekhon. Her electronic music has been presented at the 2018 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and the 2018 Electroacoustic Barn Dance. Upcoming, Hitchen’s works will be featured at Electronic Music Midwest and the 2018 Electroacoustic Barn Dance 2.0. She was awarded a Merit Award for Electronic Music from the University of South Florida School of Music.

As a hornist, Hitchen currently plays for the University of South Florida Symphony Orchestra under the direction of William Wiedrich, as well as the University of South Florida Wind Ensemble under the direction of Matthew McCutchen. She has also performed internationally at Hornclass in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as rehearsed with the Manchester Music Makers in Manchester, England, and the Saturday Morning Orchestra in Altrincham, England.