New Mexico

Program Notes
New Mexico comes from a strummed bass line that I composed for an instrumental rock song in one of my previous bands in the mid-2000s. In 2017, I decided to rework the piece into an etude. This is also the first time I decided to work electronics into my music.

Biographical Sketch

Performer Biographical Sketch
Gabriel Almazan is a music composer and performer in classical and commercial music genres. He plays bass guitar, classical and electric guitar, drums, piano, and has performed some vocal work. As a performer, Gabriel has recorded self-produced demos and one studio-produced full-length LP and has performed numerous shows around Southern California. As a composer, he has written music for solo classical guitar, double bass with piano accompaniment, string quartet, brass quintet with percussion, percussion trio, violin and guitar duo, solo electric bass guitar with electronics, flute and trombone duo, numerous pop and rock songs, and a guitar quartet that won the 2017 Gohar & Ovanes Andriassian Classical Guitar Composition Competition.