Program Notes
EYES: OPEN is a sort of collage written at the end of my master’s degree at BGSU. The piece uses recordings of acoustic pieces I wrote while at BGSU as the only source material. Taking a step back, I wanted to reflect on another side of my creative impulse; the majority of my acoustic music is slow, contemplative, and involves a kaleidoscopic approach to material, but here, I wanted to explore the opposite. I wanted to be loud, and express the beauty that I find in the distorted, crumpled, and broken which so often escapes me in acoustic composition. Of course, I don’t think any sort of dynamic is better or worse than another, but taking my delicate music and throwing it on its head was a fantastic way to end my time in Ohio. In the end, I find that this piece is beautiful and delicate as well, it just has thorns.

Biographical Sketch
Kory Reeder’s music investigates meditative and atmospheric qualities, ideas of objectivity, place, immediacy, and quiet overall stasis but while maintaining activity and constant development of material that unfolds slowly and creates its own sonic world. In an effort to achieve this, his work experiments with compositional techniques found in visual arts and how they may be incorporated with music structurally or as a formal element. Kory has frequently collaborated with theater, dance, and opera programs. His music has been performed across North America, Australia, and Europe and has been featured on the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, the New Music gathering, Composer’s Circle, The New Music Conflagration’s Traveling Tunes // Traveling Sounds, the national BGSU Graduate Student Forum, the Bowling Green New Music Festival, the Electroacoustic Barn Dance, New Music on the Point, Noise Floor, New Music on the Bayou, and SCI Conferences. His work for Hecuba was awarded by The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, he has been an ASCAP Morton Gould Award finalist, and artist-in-residence at Arts, Letter, and Numbers, and the Kimmel, Harding, Nelson Center for the Arts. Kory is currently pursuing a PhD. in music composition at the University of North Texas.