PS Quartet No. 1

Program Notes
PS Quartet No.1 is a music for Playstation Dualshock controllers and computers. Each performer in the ensemble controls melodic sequences of a Karplus-Strong string synthesizer and interactive visuals on their own laptop screen. The piece is ideally performed with a conductor, who decides the duration and articulations of each section. Using a graphical score created with familiar PlayStation button combinations, the piece takes advantages of each player's muscle memories on game controller commands in performing as a musical instrument.

Biographical Sketch
Joo Won Park ( wants to make everyday sound beautiful and strange so that everyday becomes beautiful and strange. He performs live with toys, consumer electronics, kitchenware, vegetables, and other non-musical objects by digitally processing their sounds. He also makes pieces with field recordings, sine waves, and any other sources that he can record or synthesize. Joo Won draws inspirations from swamps, skyscrapers, his two sons, and other soundscapes surrounding him. He has studied at Berklee College of Music and the University of Florida, and currently teaches Music Technology at the Wayne State University. Joo Won’s music and writings are available on ICMC DVD, Spectrum Press, MIT Press, PARMA, Visceral Media, MCSD, SEAMUS, and No Remixes labels.

Performer Biographical Sketch
Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State (EMEWS) is an undergraduate electronic ensemble directed by Joo Won Park. More information can be found at