Program Notes
I recently spent some time flying along the West Coast. Looking out the window of the plane, I spent a lot of time looking at the shore and watching the flocks of gulls from the air. This led to thinking about the migratory patterns of birds, fish, whales, and other species that live in the ocean and above or along it. Shoreline is an attempt to recreate some of these thoughts through gull and whale sounds created entirely on an analog synthesizer with occasional scraps of human interference breaking through the surface of the piece and changing the soundscape. It’s a reflection on the landscape through purely electronic means – a study in synthetic ecology.

Biographical Sketch
Born in Lansing, Benjamin Fuhrman is a graduate of the doctoral program in music composition at Michigan State University, where his principle instructors were Dr. Ricardo Lorenz and Dr. Mark Sullivan. He also holds a master’s degree in music composition from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from Hope College, where his principle instructor was Mihai Craioveanu.

He has had works commissioned from a number of performers and has been performed throughout the world.

He maintains an active role as a performer and teacher of mandolin and computer music at the MSU Community Music School, Mott Community College, and Oakland University, and is the co-host of the podcast Patch In.

Performer Biographical Sketch