Fractured Fields

Program Notes
Fractured Fields (2018) explores the kinetic energy of sounds in three dimensional spaces. The sounds in Fractured Fields inherently imply several different types of kinetic energies, each of which moves through a diverse collection of spatial fields. As the piece unfolds, these sounds are fractured in a myriad of ways, as are the spatial fields through which they move. Many of the sound sources are samples of metal, wood, or glass objects being struck, cracked, or shattered. These samples are then fractured further through a variety of techniques involving granulation, filtration, and analysis and re-synthesis. Throughout Fractured Fields, processed samples are layered with algorithmically synthesized sounds to create an abstract impression of three contrasting spatial environments. At times, individual sound sources can be heard moving through these spatial fields, or resonating from different locations within the implied environments. At other times several sound sources act together, combining their kinetic energies to create larger, more complex spatial gestures. I invite the listener to follow their ears rather than their eyes, and to allow their imagination to carry them through Fractured Fields.

Biographical Sketch
William Trachsel (b. 1988) is a vibrant young composer and percussionist based in Indianapolis. His work embraces musical expression across a wide variety of acoustic and electronic media. In 2018, Mr. Trachsel won the Jacobs School of Music Dean’s Prize for his orchestral work “These Lines, Unseen.” His recent electronic works have explored the role of physical space as an aspect of musical structure and expressive energy. Mr. Trachsel’s music has been programmed at Electronic Music Midwest, the Ball State New Music Festival, the SCI Student National Conference, and the NOW Music Festival. A participant in the 2017-2018 Hammer and Nail collaboration at IU, he composed “Excavator” for the Soma Saxophone Quartet. Mr. Trachsel is an Associate Instructor of Composition at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he is pursuing a D.M. in Composition. He holds a dual M.M. in Composition and Percussion Performance from Butler University, and a B.M. in Composition from Capital University Conservatory of Music. He has studied composition with Claude Baker, David Dzubay, P.Q. Phan, Jeffrey Hass, John Gibson, Michael Schelle, Frank Felice, and Rocky Reuter.