Local Equilibrium Dynamics

Program Notes
Local Equilibrium Dynamics is a work for trumpet, piano, and percussion which occurs entirely inside and around the piano. The sounds of the piano are processed in real-time algorithmically by the computer, and by the small chamber ensemble of electronic musicians. The trio perform a number of interactions throughout the piece, including collaboration, disruption, and dispersion of the sound the others produce. The live processing complicates this relationship even further as the sound is transmitted to the audience. As these musicians perform within such an intimate space, they variably help and hinder each other as the work progresses. This creates increased moments of tension in both the musical output and the performance dynamic between the musicians. The title refers to a principle in thermodynamics, whereby the thermal state of a system can be determined if the variations within it happen slowly enough in space and time. This concept serves as a metaphor for the system formed by the interplay between the three performers and the electronic processing generated by the computer.

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