Deep Blue

Program Notes
Sometimes a mood, an opening sound or gesture, simply takes over and derails the original plan for a composition. As I get older, I seem to find myself more willing to just get out of the way of this sort of derailment and simply document it. The title refers to the color and mood conjured up. It has nothing to do with the chess-playing IBM computer, but it does make heavy demands of the computational resources available to me on my Kyma system. The entire accompaniment is generated live, without prerecorded audio files.

Biographical Sketch
Mark Phillips (Ohio University Distinguished Professor Emeritus) won the 1988 Barlow International Competition for Orchestral Music, leading to collaborations with conductor Leonard Slatkin. His Violin Power appears on the SEAMUS 2015 conference CD. The World Saxophone Congress commissioned and premiered his What If for 101 saxophones. His music has been performed at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Wigmore Hall, the Festival Internacional de Música de Bogotá, the Blossom Music Festival, and numerous other festivals and conferences around the world. Commissioned for a Memphis premiere, his Dreams Interrupted has received performances across the country. He has received orchestra performances by groups such as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the NHK Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra — and has been recorded by Richard Stoltzman and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lark Quartet, and several solo artists. More information is available at

Performer Biographical Sketch
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