Program Notes
It is then, when we see what is unseeable,
that our senses awaken
to simplicity
to beauty
to energy
in that moment when the light is dark and the deep blackness is illumined

Biographical Sketch
Peter Gilbert writes: “I love the feeling of being enveloped in a musical experience, of disappearing into sound. As a composer, I search for musical spaces and situations that might conjure up such secret passageways to transcendence. And this magic is all the more special as a cooperative effort with performers, collaborators and listeners.”

Described as “ethereal, ambient, and benignly haunting like a morning fog on the ocean”, Gilbert’s music, whether for multi-media theater, installation, film or the concert hall, often combines traditional elements of detailed notation with improvisation and live-electronics.

He has held artist residencies in Europe and the US at numerous festivals and institutions including the ZKM | Institut für Akustik und Musik and the Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany). Accolades and commissions include the Barlow Foundation, New Music USA, the Aaron Copland House, the Russolo Foundation, the Look & Listen Festival, the Third Practice Festival, and the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges.

Gilbert holds degrees from Illinois Wesleyan University, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a doctorate from Harvard University. He has taught composition, electronic music, music theory and music history at Harvard University, Wellesley College, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland Institute of Music.

He currently teaches at the University of New Mexico as Assistant Professor of Composition. Gilbert's work as a composer, performer and producer can be heard on New Focus Recordings, Innova, GM Recordings, Sono Lumos, and Centaur, as well as at