Program Notes
"Vesper" is named after the idea of the evening bell, or vesper bell. The work uses short points of sound, primarily bell tones, balanced with silence to create a greater sense of space around the audience. This space is torn down as the piece continues. Points of sound coalesce into longer gestures, invading on the silence, while density increases and disrupts listeners' sense of space. At the end, what was torn down is rebuilt and serves as a reminder of the beginning.

Biographical Sketch
Carolyn Borcherding is a Graduate Assistant at Western Michigan University pursuing a master’s degree in music composition and is currently studying with Dr. Lisa Coons. She assists with teaching both music theory and electronic music classes, and gives one-on-one lessons to electronic composition students. Her compositional interests involved exploring the potential musical relationships between acoustic instruments and electronics, and experimenting with the creation of space in fixed media works. She received her undergraduate degree in Music Media and Production at Ball State University.

Performer Biographical Sketch