Chicken = Music

Program Notes
In this piece, I attach a contact mic I created to the rubber chicken and run the mic to my computer where I can adjust effects live. Effects I use include reverberations, delays, and pitch modulators.

Biographical Sketch
This piece was created because a friend dared me to "write a song with a rubber chicken as the only instrument."

Performer Biographical Sketch
Isaac Barkley is a 19 year old musician currently pursuing an education and career in the music industry. He has played and studied music as long as he has been capable, with piano and violin as his primary instruments throughout most of his life. Once he began high school, he started growing a passion for composing and even wrote a piece that was played by his high school's Symphonic Orchestra by the end of his freshman year. By the time he had completed high school, Isaac Barkley composed multiple string orchestra pieces which were played by his Symphonic Orchestra, and conducted the orchestra himself on one of his scores. He learned basics to audio/video production through the Digital Media Technology course at Summit Technology Academy, and had the honor of having one of his original songs featured in the background of a Grammy nominated video. Barkley received many awards and honors in various music competitions across the state and nation, including 1 ratings in District/State Solo and Ensemble, popular vote winner in Indaba remix contest, and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. He was also featured in several newspaper articles as a featured musician, including the Kansas City Star. Barkley is currently studying at the University of Central Missouri as a Music Technology Major and continues to write music. He has started growing a local fanbase with pop music he has released across major digital music platforms including iTunes and Spotify.