Program Notes
shift.smear contains short vignettes that explore techniques in manipulating pixels and recorded audio. The first section sporadically shifts pixels in large blocks around the screen while the audio rhythmically jumps around multiple channels. As the section evolves, the pixel groups and duration of sounds diminish until they both become particles moving around space. The second section juxtaposes the shifting of the visuals and audio by smearing pixels from neighboring videos while stretching and freezing audio to create a perpetual flow of sound and image.

Biographical Sketch
Matthew Bryant is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist. Bryant is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he teaches music technology and directs the Computer Music Ensemble. He received his B.A. in Music Technology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There, he held leadership positions in multiple ensembles and graduated with multiple honors and awards including Most Outstanding Student in the Department of Music. Bryant received his M.M. in Music Technology at Georgia Southern University (GSU). At GSU, he was inducted in multiple honor societies and won first place in the GSU Research Symposium (Humanities and Social Sciences) for his thesis and presentation: Technostalgia and the Aesthetic of Glitch: Transcoding Audio into Video Using CRT Monitors. Bryant has performed and presented at multiple festivals and conferences including Southeast Composers Symposium, National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME), Root Signals, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), and ArtFields SC.