Points of Light

Program Notes
Points of Light is a piece meant to explore the interaction between a human performer and algorithmic accompaniment by exploiting edge cases within pitch recognition algorithms at work in the program Nils, which was published by the developer Humble Tune. Using a steel tongue drum with a contact mic and playing on various parts of the drum that produce little distinct pitch content, the performer is able to control the flow of significant data to the randomizer and consequently predict when the effect will take hold. The piece also explores the concept of acoustic distortion through the use of snare drums as speakers and snare wires as a sort of acoustic stompbox.

Biographical Sketch
Rob Funkhouser is a composer, performer, and instrument builder who can never quite sit still. He is currently pursuing an M.M. from Butler University in Music Composition, and most recently completed Surfaces for the duo Neutrals from Dayton, Ohio. He has released projects through various labels in three different countries, and has had his music played on the radio in many places, including Australia. His current projects include a record of electronic music, a suite of works for kalimba and toy piano, and a mixed media work for the label Auris Apothecary in Bloomington, Indiana.
Currently residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, Funkhouser divides his time between composing, performing, and curating shows at various venues around the city. His performances vary widely, but often take the form of solo percussion or ambient electronics. He also collaborates with a wide variety of performers and artists. In the recent past, he has worked with Corey Denham, Sara Goodman, and So Percussion. His principal teachers include Dr. Michael Schelle, Dr. James Aikman, and Dr. Frank Felice.

Performer Biographical Sketch
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