Hipster Hunter

Program Notes
Hipster Hunter is constructed mostly of deconstructed sounds. The focus of the work is motive, form, and cell structure. Aesthetically, Hipster Hunter represents the ongoing battle of the car vs. humans on bicycles, which is a real issue in the city I lived in for five years - Atlanta, Ga. Some bicyclists seemed fearless when riding through heavy traffic. Sadly, many people on both sides are injured from the lack of awareness. In an abstract manner, Hipster Hunter presents a story of a particular social debacle, and I tried to capture that story.

Biographical Sketch
Chad Powers is currently an adjunct instructor at Indiana East University, and a graduate assistant and instructor at Ball St. University in Muncie, In., pursing a DA in Theory/Composition. Recent achievements include acceptance into the SEAMUS National Conference, NY Electronic Music Festival, Bowling Green State University Graduate Conference, Ball State New Music Festival, N_SEME at the University of Oklahoma, Electronic Music Midwest, the 5th House Ensemble Call for Scores, Bowling Green State University Remix, METropolis CD Project: Beneficence Records, and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)Call for Scores.