Program Notes
Nil'chi is a work for trumpet, piano, percussion and fixed 2 channel media. It was written specifically with the SPLICE ensemble in mind.

In almost every culture, the owl symbolizes an almost magical quality. The owl is rarely seen. More often it is only heard deep in the woods late at night. Its voice speaks with wisdom and intuition. It sees the truth beyond deception, and some believe the owl can see the future in the darkness, a harbinger of things to come, even one's death.

Nil'chi, is the Navajo name for wind, which carries all knowledge and informs everything. The Navajo believe we are all born with the wind in us, and it stays until our last breath. Nil'chi within us and out side us, carries the owl's call far and wide, to anyone who will listen.

Biographical Sketch
Nicholas Hubbell

Mr.Hubbell graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oberlin Conservatory, studying composition with Randolph Coleman, and electronic and computer music with Gary Lee Nelson. He was involved in some of the earliest computer generated music on the now iconic IBM 360. After college, he immersed himself in the jazz fusion and experimental music scene in the New York City area, writing and performing in a number of ensembles, and was active in studio session work.

Mr. Hubbell established Just Music, a music production facility, where he produced hundreds of soundtracks for film, TV and radio including: the best selling Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Series for Random House; The Men who Brought the Dawn (Documentary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), featured in The Smithsonian Museum; Pitching Man (biography of the great black baseball pitcher, Satchel Page, hosted by Billy Dee Williams, featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame and nominated for an Emmy; Anne of Green Gables (12 CD Set for Disney). Mr. Hubbell's soundtrack for Adlertag, the Battle of Britain, received the Gold Cine for best soundtrack; Nick's solo piano work, Spontaneous Fugue was presented top award at the New Sounds New Haven festival. His music is licensed to a variety of television programs in the U. S. and abroad.

For the last several years Mr. Hubbell has focused on composing music from "what I feel inside and not dictated by an outside program or assignment". These pieces include orchestral, chamber and electronic works, that have been performed throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. Hubbell resides in Vermont, U.S.A., with his wife, Dona and their elderly dog, Coda.