Pictured Remnants

Program Notes
Program Note

Pictured Remnants (2016-2017)

Electroacoustic music composition designed for four-channel performance

As I revisit shared images, events of the past, I can remember many versions of it, and the countless times the same story had been embellished by false narrators who contradict each other. Is any of this credible? What parts of these images are true and false? How can it all be so different when these images shared/occurred in the same space? I can trust that these images have occurred. What is in question is the ego of the narrator(s) to elaborate the image, a constant remodeling of the environment.

Pictured Remnants aims to unify a dichotic space with reflected sounds leaving only traces of the genuine image fading into the distal space. Furthering the listening experience, the host space is then divided into different areas with superimposed images where areas of the environment are weighted through reflections. These juxtapose/concurrent reflections symbolize scraps of what were authentic disperse beyond the unity of space, which yields fabricated events of the same image.

Biographical Sketch
David Quang-Minh Nguyen b.1990

The music of David Quang-Minh Nguyen can be described as eclectic, diverse in many idioms, and organically created from non-musical concepts where he translates these ideas into sound representations. He has had his pieces performed at the New Music on the Bayou Festival, Electronic Music Midwest Festival, NYCEMF, SEAMUS, and 2015 June in Buffalo New Music Festival, where he took master classes with Harvey Sollberger, Roger Reynolds, Martin Bresnick, and Brian Ferneyhough.

Born in Virginia, David Q. Nguyen holds a BM from Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA). During his undergraduate studies, his primary teachers were Andrey R. Kasparov and Mark Chambers. He has received his Masters and is currently a Doctoral student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where his primary teachers are Reynold Tharp, Sever Tipei, Erik Lund, Eli Fieldsteel and Scott A. Wyatt.