Cimmerian Isolation

Program Notes
A brooding duet for the self, “Cimmerian Isolation” finds meaning in the interplay between the sound of the flute and the performer’s own primal uttering. These two often separate entities interact with and are greatly accentuated by the addition of live electronics and extensive real-time processing. “Cimmerian” in this case references it’s definition as an adjective meaning “very dark or gloomy” and attempts to elicit imagery of a wealthy recluse living in cimmerian isolation in a decaying Victorian mansion, left only to themselves and descending into eventual madness.

Biographical Sketch
Nathaniel Haering is a masters student at Bowling Green State University studying with Dr. Elainie Lillios and Dr. Mikel Kuehn. He is deeply interested in the use of live electronics to expand the artistic capabilities of traditional instruments and augment their timbral horizons and range of expression. This perspective and fascination with timbral, gestural, and spectral development transfers directly to his purely acoustic work, often exploring juxtapositions of pitch and noise, virtuosity and striking vulnerability, and frequently delving into the beauty of many of the grittiest sounds found in-between the extremes of these continuums. His works have been performed by Grammy Award-winning Vietnamese performer Vân Ánh Võ, Ensemble Mise-En, Mivos Quartet, and Ensemble Dal Niente. His pieces have recently been featured at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium in Toronto Canada, the SCI Student National Conference at Ball State University, SEAMUS 2016 Conference in Statesboro Georgia, Electronic Music Midwest in Kansas City, Root Signals electronic music festival in Jacksonville Florida, SPLICE institute in Kalamazoo Michigan, N_SEME at Louisiana State University, and NYCEMF in New York City.

Performer Biographical Sketch
Francesca Leo is a rising pre-professional musician from Detroit, Michigan. She is currently studying under Dr. Conor Nelson as a junior Flute Performance major with a minor in Entrepreneurship at BGSU. She has most recently studied in Paris, France under the instruction of Linda Chesis, April Clayton, Nicolas Duchamp and Jean Farrandis, and has won second place in the 2016 Central Ohio Flute Association (COFA) Collegiate Division Competition. Professionally, she interns at Muramatsu America and performs with the church orchestra at St. John's XXIII in Perrysburg. Francesca currently holds the position of principal flute in the BGSU Wind Symphony, newsletter editor of the Southeast Michigan Flute Association, treasurer of the BGSU Flute Club, and manager of her personal website, Francesca has won the 2014 Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings Young Artist Competition, was named alternate winner in the 2014 MTNA Senior Division Competition, and has placed as a finalist in both the 2015 and 2016 White Lake Young Artist Solo Performance Competition. She is currently preparing a solo recital series in Ohio, performing St. John Passion with the BGSU Early Music Orchestra, and touring with composer Nathan Haering and his piece for solo flute and electronics, Cimmerian Isolation."