Dark Nebula

Program Notes
Dark Nebula is a work that explores indeterminate coordination of live players over a fixed electronic backdrop. The trumpet, piano, and percussion play fragments...which they are allowed to play in any order...while the the electronics unfold in three brief "movements." These section are played without pause, but are distinguishable in timbre and texture. The live players are given a great deal of freedom, but instructed to play with passion, drama, and expression.

Biographical Sketch
Award winning composer Dan Pinkston is active in many diverse fields of music—he composes choral and orchestral music, teaches music theory and composition at Simpson University, is an active church musician, and also plays rock and blues guitar. His many composition awards include the 2000 ACDA composition contest, and a number of prominent commissions. His primary objective as a composer is to fuse and craft his many musical influences into works that are accessible to the average listener as well as stimulating to the discerning musician.
Dr. Pinkston’s musical education began as a child in Africa (Cote D’Ivoire), where a diversity of cultural and musical expressions profoundly impacted his love for the broad range of human expression in music. Following musical study in Arkansas and Texas, including a doctorate in musical composition, Pinkston settled in northern California with his wife and two daughters.
2010 brought the premiere of two major works—A Thousand Hills for flute, percussion, cello, and harp, and Symphony No. 1, commissioned and premiered by the North State Symphony. Both works are bold and beautiful, showcasing Pinkston’s ability to write in traditional genres with a fresh, 21st century voice. Symphony No. 2 followed in 2012, commissioned and premiered by the Shasta Symphony. This work also received two acclaimed performances by the Juneau Symphony in 2014.
Recent compositions include a commissioned violin concerto (to be premiered in 2017), Collisions (a series of sixteen chamber works), and Strange Fires and Solemn Prayers, an ambient electronic music project.