6 Short Studies

Program Notes
6 Short Studies

I. 30 Bars of Sound
II. Tra(p)(f)(m)
III. 360 Steps
IV. Dinadanvtli (“My Brother”)
V. Minute Distances
VI. Techno Feel Ya’

At times I simply have to reach into my “toolbox” and construct a composition. But, there are other times when I get to try something new; or at least “new” to me. These short studies are such pieces. In each case, these one minute “experiments” led me to more substantial pieces, and more important, they added additional tools to my toolbox.

Biographical Sketch
Mike McFerron is professor of music at Lewis University, and he is founder and co-director of Electronic Music Midwest (http://www.emmfestival.org). His music can be heard on numerous commercial recordings as well as on his website at http://www.bigcomposer.com.