We Have Less Time Than You Think

Program Notes
We Have Less Time Than You Think, deals with the fact that we humans do not really have long: on the smaller-scale, in terms of the things we attempt to immediately accomplish, and on relatively larger scales, in the time we can spend with each other, the duration of our individual existences, and the collective lifespan of the human race. One of the truer clich├ęs, time passes in a blur, fluidly and easily escaping attempts to stop or slow its flow, with certain events standing out in hindsight as demarcations of structural points. In my own experience, the longer I have existed, the more the passage of time seems to speed up exponentially; I certainly feel like I have less time than I thought I did. All of the electronic elements in this piece were generated using only violin (and vocal) samples.

Biographical Sketch
Howie Kenty, occasionally known by his musical alter-ego, Hwarg, is an award-winning Brooklyn-based composer. His music is stylistically diverse, encompassing ideas from contemporary classical, electronic, rock, sound art, and everything in between, sometimes using visual and theatrical elements. Throughout all of his creations runs the idea that the experience of a piece is more than just listening to the music; he strives for a wholeness of vision and an awareness of environment that attempts to fully draw the audience into his works. Besides regularly premiering his pieces at numerous international forums and venues with amazing performers, helping organize the NYCEMF and other concerts, teaching, and working with artists like DJ Spooky and Amanda Palmer, Howie plays guitar in the progressive rock band The Benzene Ring. Having recently earned his MA in Composition from the Aaron Copland School of Music, he is beginning PhD studies at Stony Brook University.

Online: hwarg.com | soundcloud.com/hwarg | youtube.com/hwargbot