Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice

Program Notes
I have a file full of potential titles and one summer this file grew quite a bit as I re-read William Gibson’s classic Neuromancer. When Tammy Evans Yonce asked for a piece for glissando flute (flute with a glissando head joint) and electronics I proposed the title “Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice,” which I’m pretty sure I got from Neuromancer, and used that fragment’s imagery to guide the basic form of the piece.

A simple lullaby becomes more abstracted and frozen as glassy drones emerge in the electronics. Eventually the lullaby returns and we end in a serene but slightly dark place. Strangely enough, this is the second piece revolving around dreams which I have composed for flute and electronics. I’m not sure why that is.

This work was given its premiere performance at the National Flute Association Conference in 2013.

Biographical Sketch
Jay C. Batzner has been a source of irritation for musical biographers for more than three decades, due to his refusal to provide standardized biographical claptrap suitable for concert programs and musical encyclopedias. He further irritates in his refusal to adopt any musically dogmatic viewpoint, choosing instead to write music that "sounds good." – David D. McIntire