All That Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night

Program Notes
All that glitters isn’t treasure. Not everything that goes bump in the night does us harm. Some things are nearly equal parts glitter and bump. All That Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night is a reflection on our often distorted perceptions of the objects, situations, and people around us, and how these distorted perceptions cause undue negativity, unfounded positivity, and overall confusion about what makes one truly happy.

On a technical level, the work explores the parallels between moving image and audio art, including the creative process itself. The parallels between the basic elements of the two media (texture, layer, color, density, and the scaling of time and frequency), and methods for transforming the digital data were explored in creating this work.

Biographical Sketch
Dr. Linda Antas is a composer, digital artist, flutist, and educator. Her compositions have been performed and broadcast around the world and are published on the Ablaze, TauKay, Centaur, EMS, and Media Café labels. A Fulbright Fellowship recipient, Antas has also been recognized by the the Musica Nova International Electro-acoustic Music Competition, the International Music Contest Citta' di Udine (TauKay Edizioni Musicali), and has received commissions from the International Computer Music Association, the Rind Fund, and various internationally-renowned performers. She regularly collaborates with visual and sound artists for artistic and educational projects. She serves on the faculty of Montana State University, teaching music technology, interdisciplinary multimedia courses, and composition, and is currently Vice President for Membership of the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States.