Shared Buffer #3

Program Notes
Shared Buffer #3 will be a live coding improvisation by a trio of globally distributed performers (Toronto/Hamilton, Montréal and Sheffield, UK), all working on a single piece of shared code. The performance uses Tidal, a small live coding language that represents polyphonic sequences using terse, highly flexible and polyphonic notation, providing a range of higher-order transformations. The performers are connected via the "extramuros" software, which has been developed for and around these performances as part of the research project “Live Coding and the Challenges of Digital Society” (McMaster University Arts Research Board).

Biographical Sketch
Alex McLean is Research Fellow and Deputy Director of ICSRiM in the School of Music, University of Leeds, and co-founder of Algorave, TOPLAP, the AHRC Live Coding Research Network, and ChordPunch recordings. David Ogborn (d0kt0r0) directs the Cybernetic Orchestra at McMaster University, where he teaches in the undergraduate Multimedia program and the graduate program in Communication and New Media. Eldad Tsabary is a professor of electroacoustics at Concordia University, and founder of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk).