Mas campana de la vaca

Program Notes
This work set out to explore the tropes surrounding what I perceived as a somewhat comical and trivial piece of percussion equipment, the cowbell. I had intended to simply use stereotypical treatments of the cowbell as a jumping off point for the piece. But upon further exploration, this instrument revealed a wealth of sonic material and nuance that resulted in a much deeper appreciation for the instrument the you will hopefully see represented in the piece you will hear. Plus, I had a bad fever for which I needed a cure.

Biographical Sketch
Originally an orchestral French Horn player hailing from Indiana, Tony has spent most of the last 20 years freelancing in live theatre as a composer and sound designer. His work has been heard on stages and at festivals across the country and internation- ally. He completed his undergraduate work at Ball State University, received a Master's in Computer Music and New Media from Northern Illinois University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Illinois.