Program Notes
The isolation of a winter journey on foot and the barren landscape of a frozen lake served as a prompt for the dance this piece originally accompanied. As the work evolved, I often reminisced on childhood afternoons spent making long, solitary journeys in the snow to play hockey on some remote pond that had iced over. I found I could remember a rather rich and colorful aural landscape accompanying this monochromatic world of white snow and grey sky separated by a black tree line at the horizon. The gusting winter breeze was full of endless complexities as it made its way across rolling hills and through barren trees. And as the slowly throbbing wind wound in and around the crunching, unbroken rhythm of my boots on the cold snow, I would imagine the entire soundscape transformed in countless ways; often beautiful, but at other times chilling. So as the adult me retraced his steps on one/all of these journeys, the aimless wandering unaccountably led me to get lost in the landscape in order to find out where the wind might lead me. If I follow, will it take me to the pond? Will it take me home? While the destination is not clear, the sojourn, like the wind, always remains.

Biographical Sketch
Originally an orchestral French Horn player hailing from Indiana, Tony has spent most of the last 20 years freelancing in live theatre as a composer and sound designer. His work has been heard on stages and at festivals across the country and internation- ally. He completed his undergraduate work at Ball State University, received a Master's in Computer Music and New Media from Northern Illinois University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Illinois.