Program Notes
Jostled was composed with the audio software Max/MSP and Kontakt5. Close microphone recordings of a ride cymbal performed in a variety of manners served as the source material for the work. Various digital signal processing techniques including granulation and formant synthesis processes were then applied in order to highlight the resonant frequencies of the ride cymbal. The subtle and sometimes significant engagement between these procedures and the sonic materials yield percussive bursts, which create a 'new' percussion instrument modeled in the original audio image of the cymbal. Jostled plays with one’s conception of how a ride cymbal should sound by exploring otherworldly possibilities available to processing.

Biographical Sketch

Mike Polo (b. 1985) is currently working on a Ph.D. in Music Composition and Master of Science in Management at the University of Florida. He received his Master of Music degree in Composition from George Mason University in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Rowan University in May 2009. Michael began his formal composition training in 2002 at the Settlement School of Music in Philadelphia, PA. Michael has studied composition with; Roberto Pace, Harold Oliver, Dennis DiBlasio, Mark Camphouse, Jesse Guessford, James Paul Sain, Paul
Richards, and Paul Koonce.

Mike has worked as an editor/arranger for Piano Productions Press since 2004. In 2008, Piano Productions Press published his work, "The Chase" for 2-pianos/4-hands. Michael has also arranged several works for Piano Productions Press including a 12-pianos/48-hands and percussion medley, "The Sound of Music," which was premiered at a concert series entitled "A Grand Time" in Indiana.

Michael's research interests are based on physiological reactions to music. Beginning in Fall 2014, Michael will begin an empirical study on the physiological effects (ECG and EDA) of listening to contemporary music as part of his dissertation thesis.