chi bedda vuci avia

Program Notes
This piece is the first in a series of pieces, all involving electronics, which draw inspiration from a Sicilian folk song that my grandfather used to sing to us as children. The ironically lively and somewhat silly folk song U Sciccareddu is about a man lamenting the loss of his dearest friend: his donkey. Chi bedda vuci avia, which translates to “what a beautiful voice he had” (a line from the song), embodies the Sicilian irony of humor and despair. It features subtle quotes of the folk tune, as well as some beautiful voices, including those of several donkeys and my dear grandparents.

Biographical Sketch
Christina Butera (b.1987) is a composer of contemporary music. Her formal studies in composition began at Bucknell University, where she studied composition with William Duckworth and Jackson Hill, clarinet with Elizabeth Stimpert, and piano with Barry Hannigan. She earned her B.M. in Composition from Bucknell in 2009. She recently completed her Masters degree at Bowling Green State University, where she was a student of Marilyn Shrude, Mikel Kuehn, Burton Beerman, and Andrea Reinkemeyer. Christina composes both acoustic and electroacoustic music. In addition to writing for standard Western instruments, Christina has also writes for both Javanese and Balinese gamelan. Her music has been performed around the country. She is currently working on her DMA in Composition at the University of Missouri Kansas City, where she studies with Chen Yi, Zhou Long, James Mobberley and Paul Rudy.