The Matter of Breath in a Vacuum

Program Notes
Experiencing a life-threatening pneumothorax (collapsed lung) left me with a profound sense of respect and awe at the miracle of breath so often taken for granted, and the slow-rising fear that accompanies its loss.

The Matter of Breath in a Vacuum is an ambient piece chasing the audible sparkle while exploring breath and slowing things down. The piece includes samples of saxophone, clarinet, and vocal recordings, processed with effects including time-stretching, pitch shifting, convolution, and phase vocoding.

I find slowed playback speeds fitting for the theme of the work, and enjoy exploring the unexpected nuances they impart to the sounds, similar to looking at a slide under a microscope.

Biographical Sketch
After earning a Master's degree in Creative Writing and working in the fine art business, Jaimie decided to pursue a change in direction involving her two favorite things: music and video games. She is interested in audio design and score composition for games, film, and other new media.