Pop Song for Us Robots

Program Notes
After spending a lot of time working and playing around with the recording program Logic Pro X, I have come to discover many gorgeous sounds that I can make with my MIDI keyboard. By creating my own patches through synthesis with different synthesizers, software instruments, and incorporating them into track stacks, I decided to write a piece that had elements of sounds we sometimes hear within certain commercial enterprises, i.e. film, TV, and especially music. My intent was to write a piece that would come across as representing robots (from the future mind you) playing these “instruments” in a band.

Biographical Sketch
Jason Richmond received his Doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. His works, both acoustic and electronic, have been performed throughout the Midwest. Jason received his Bachelor of Music in Composition at Northern Kentucky University under Dr. Philip Koplow, his Masters degree in Music Composition under Dr. Steve Rouse, and was under the direction of Dr. Michael Fiday and Dr. Mara Helmuth at CCM. He is the recent recipient of CCM’s composer competition and was awarded a commission by the CCM Philharmonia to write a new work during there 2013/2014 season. Jason lives in Northern Kentucky with his dog, Tripp.