from Three Easy Recipes (new line) 1. Over Easy (new line) 2. Fantasy Fruit Salad

Program Notes
The first two movements of Three Easy Recipes are short videos designed as light-hearted technical etudes of sorts. I really wanted to have a piece under my belt with new 2D and 3D video editing software before embarking on a larger, more serious video project for dance this Fall. I had great fun learning about new particle systems (Trapcode Suite) demo'ed in the first video, and Cinema 4D, a 3D rendering program used in the second. It was great fun to animate flat images and bring life to otherwise mundane, inanimate objects. Alas, Cinema 4D took so long to learn (and I will not say master, there is a long way to go), the 3rd movement, Jello is still chillin' in the fridge and isn't quite ready for public display yet.

Biographical Sketch
Jeffrey Hass composes music for electronics combined with large and small acoustic ensembles, video and dance. His recent work involves design of interactive wireless sensor systems for performers and dancers and music-driven video. His music, dance and video works have been premiered at International Computer Music Conferences, SEAMUS, NYCEMF, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Pixilerations, Spark Festival, American College Dance Festival, the World Dance Alliance and many more. He has also delivered papers at the New Interfaces in Musical Expression Conference, Toronto Electroacoustic Conference and several dance festivals.

Awards include ASCAP/Rudolph Nissim Award, National Band Association Competition, Walter Beeler Memorial Award, Lee Ettelson Composer's Award, United States Army Band's Composition Award, Heckscher Orchestral Award, Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship and the Utah Arts Festival Orchestral Commissioning Award. Recordings of his works have been released by the Indiana University Press, SEAMUS, Arizona University Recordings, Albany Records and RIAX Records. His works are published by Magnetic Resonance Music, Ludwig Music Company and MMB Music Publishers. Three Etudes for Piano with Electronics was just released on Music from SEAMUS Vol. 23.

Hass directs the Center for Electronic and Computer Music at Indiana University, where he is a professor on the composition faculty.