Program Notes
“Concrezione” is an audiovisual work by Luca De Siena
(music) and Antonello Belgrano (video). It is an attempt of human exploration of the depths
generable within acathodic domain. This work deals with the raw edges of human perception,
manipulating phenomena of retinal persistence and psychoacoustic thresholds. We are surrounded
by a universe of architectures,materials concretions of thoughts that should be the extensions ofour
senses. "Concrezione" uses abstraction as a sum not immediatelyidentifiable shapes even though
still human in the way of beingassembled and perceived.

Biographical Sketch
Antonello Belgrano (video)

Antonello Belgrano was born in Cassino (FR) now lives and works in Turin as a video-maker and
post-production technician.
He studied psychology and deals with passion for electronic music and signal processing in the
digital domain since '99. Later on he started doing visual performance.
He was part of the musical project Tiltherz, with which he performed in various live electronics
both in Italy and abroad, now produces music under the pseudonym of Thr.
He graduated as an audio-video technician at "Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale" in

Luca De Siena (music)

After his degree as a sound engineer and MIDI programmer at the “Saint Louis Music College” in
Rome, he continued his musical studies graduating cum laude in Electronic Music at the
Conservatory “L. Refice” of Frosinone under the guidance of prof. Alessandro Cipriani. The
questions underlying his research are about the relationship between tradition and innovation and
between art’s functionality and rituality in modern society. He attended workshops and master
classes with Alvise Vidolin, Leigh Landy, Mary Castro. He studied intermedial art with Alba
D’Urbano at the HGB Leipzig (Germany). His acousmatic pieces have been selected in several
festivals and concerts in Italy (Sassari, Bari, Salerno) and abroad (Poland, Denmark, England, South
Korea). His audiovisual work “Concrezione” (video by Antonello Belgrano) has been selected for
many international festivals including the International Computer Music Festival 2012 of Ljubljana
(Slovenia) and the WOCMAT of Taiwan. Together with other five composers is a founding member
of HEKA whose electroacoustic soundtrack for the silent film “Kinoglaz” by D. Vertov was
presented during the 47th Festival of Nuova Consonanza in Rome and performed in many festivals
abroad including “Cybersound”, a festival at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA). Together
with HEKA he is also the author of electroacoustic soundtrack for the silent film “Il Piccolo
Garibaldino” commissioned by Nuova Consonanza as a part of the celebrations for the 150th
anniversary of the unification of Italy, and which was premiered at the 48th festival of music of
Nuova Consonanza.