Zip Down Time

Program Notes
This improvising "quartet", (including interactive Kyma), consists of experienced, like minded performers exploring the possibilities of
what each contributes to the others. With no prior expectations, we start to play.
They have played together before.

Biographical Sketch
Rich O'Donnell: Native of St. louis, early Jazz background, started simple tape music in 1954, Director of the Electronic Music Studio at Washington University from 1980 until present. Played as extra perc. with SLSO in 1956 and joined in 1959. Retired from the SLSO in 2002 as Principal Percussion. Has played solo in Brazil, China, Mexico, and US in addition to SLSO tours. see:

Anna Lum: Published and performing poet who draws upon her experience playing tai chi with thousands of people, balancing a business, volunteer fundraising for arts organizations and family. She is co-founder and treasurer of HEARding Cats Collective.