Fractus V: Metal Detector

Program Notes
Fractus V: Metal Detector is fifth in an ongoing series of interactive duets for solo performer and interactive electronic sound. Both the human performer and the computer improvise unique material with each performance, and numerous musical parameters are left to the player's discretion, including instrument/sound choices, and the lengths of musical sections. Like other pieces in this series, the composition aims to explore the possibilities of uniquely-generated content, establish a dynamic relationship between human and computer sounds, and showcase the musician's talent.

Biographical Sketch
Eli Fieldsteel is a composer of electroacoustic and acoustic music currently working and teaching in the Electronic Music Studios at The University of Texas at Austin. Eli is the recipient of the James E. Croft Grant for Young and Emerging Composers and first prize in the 2012 ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition, as well as awards and recognition from other organizations, including the Bandmasters’ Academic Society of Japan and the Frank Ticheli Competition. His works have been performed by the Dallas Wind Symphony, the UNT Symphony Orchestra, the Kawagoe Sohwa Wind Ensemble, and the principle flautist of the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Lena Kildahl.

Eli’s music and research reflects an ongoing interest in the intersection between music technology and contemporary instrumental practice, covering topics such as human-computer improvisation, interactivity, algorithmic music, and networked synthesis. An active collaborator, he has worked with dancers, choreographers, lighting designers, video artists, and architects.