Hommage á Pärt from Three Compositions for Piano & Electronics

Program Notes
All three movements employ a technique of what could be called for lack of a better name, “iterated reverb.” Simply put iterated reverb takes the source sound and sends via a bus it to a reverb with a long delay (ex. 6 seconds) then product of this reverb is then feeds the bus of another reverb and so on until four or more reverb voices have been created.

Following a very active first movement inspired by Steve Reich this second movement is a contemplative tribute to Estonian composer Arvo Pärt which expresses peace, centering, and divine presence; through experimentation with minimalism. Iterated reverb creates a blurring effect which turns the solo piano into an ethereal orchestra.

Biographical Sketch
Celebrated for her “terrifying dynamic range,” cleanliness of sound, as well as unique sensitivity and ability to sculpt her performance for the acoustics of a space, Elizabeth A. Baker is a dramatic performer with an honest, near psychic connection to the music, which resounds with audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds. As a composer, her understanding of sonic space pairs with a unique eclectic voice, making for a spatial and auditory experience of music. As a pianist, Baker has studied with Steinway Artist Dr. Luis Sanchez and Jeff Donovick of St. Petersburg College. Other advisors include world-renowned concert pianist Rebecca Penneys and composer Dr. Vernon Taranto. Emmy-award winning composer Larry Groupé has referred to her works as “Perfect.” In addition to her work as a performer-composer, Elizabeth has extensive technical training in the recording arts, live sound reinforcement, and was the recipient of the 2012 Best Production Award in Music Technology III at St. Petersburg College, where she studied closely under mastering engineer Dave Greenberg. Elizabeth is dedicated to promoting new music and has a passion for making rare concert works accessible to the general public.

Elizabeth is Co-Founder and Executive Director of The New Music Conflagration, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation founded in the State of Florida to promote the work of contemporary composers and musicians.