Melting Clocks

Program Notes
The creation of Melting Clocks began with the mathematical manipulation of a recording of a ticking clock, layered over itself multiple times, the starting point of each track staggered proportionally to each other based on the Fibonacci Sequence. This piece's overall form is largely palindromic, the pivot point around the golden ratio point in the piece. Other electronic instruments are used to give context to the seemingly hundreds of intertwining clocks "melting" into each other.

Biographical Sketch
Amanda McCullough is a composer from Lincoln, Nebraska. She studied trumpet at Washburn University, graduating in 2011. She later studied composition at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a MM in composition in 2013 and beginning her DMA in 2014. Amanda has premiered several pieces for brass and wind ensembles, including a symphony for Wind Ensemble in 2013. She currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and performs with the Omaha Symphonic Winds.