Program Notes
either/or (2010) is a work for laptop/live electronics with audience participation. Utilizing a projector screen, the interface displays three text boxes into which performer types various questions, musings, commands and requests. The questions and musings are intended to be thought provoking, whereas the commands and requests are directed at the audience who, responding, become a part of the electronic manipulations. Ultimately, this piece asks the question "what are you going to do with the rest of your life?" The answer is up to you.

Biographical Sketch
Jason Palamara is a fourth year PhD candidate in music composition at the University of Iowa. He is an active performer on the violin, guitar and laptop and was/is a founding member of the Bonecrusher Ensemble of Louisville, KY, the 24+24 Hour Composition Project in Iowa City, IA and the newly constructed Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa (LOUI). Jason currently works as the in-house composer and audio engineer for the University Of Iowa Department Of Dance. Jason composes music for many dance department projects, specializing in electroacoustic music, collaboration, improvisation and audience engagement. His recent works have seen performances by the JACK Quartet, the Enid Trio, The Generous Ensemble and the Baker-Tarpaga Dance Project. In his spare time, he teaches songwriting and musicianship to the inmates at Oakdale Community Prison. You can find links to his music, events and more info at www.jasonpalamara.com.

Performer Biographical Sketch
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