Program Notes
Emergence is a piece that chronicles a journey from multiple perspectives. a split screen narrative juxtaposes competing strains of thought; a process that converges, diverges, and reforms into new pathways.

Biographical Sketch
Michael James Olson is a composer, producer, and musician currently residing in Florida. Michael’s concert music has been performed throughout the world, including the Beijing Science Museum (China), SEAMUS National Conference (Miami), IIT TechFest (Mumbai), and Noisefloor Festival (UK). Michael has received numerous awards including Finalist for the ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission, and First Prize at the Georgia Southern Research Awards. Michael holds a M.M. from Georgia Southern University, and a Doctorate from Ball State University. Michael currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music at Jacksonville University where he teaches classes in music technology and commercial music, and is the Director of the Dolphinium Records label.

Performer Biographical Sketch