Handcrafted Ale (for beer and computer)

Program Notes
Handcrafted Ale
for beer and computer

Composer & performer: Eric Honour

After my family, my two great loves in the world are music technology and high-quality beer. As a home brewer, I delight in crafting unique, delicious beers. As a composer, audio engineer, and performer, I love exploring the intersections between music and technology. This work extends the sound world that exists around the enjoyment of a great beer through live granular and spectral audio processing in Max. The work can be performed with any craft brew: contact me if you're interested in performing it!

Biographical Sketch
Devoted to exploring and furthering the intersections of music and technology, Eric Honour's work as a composer and saxophonist has been featured in numerous international conferences and festivals like ICMC, Spark, FEMF, BEAF, EMM, and others. A member of the Athens Saxophone Quartet, he performs regularly in Europe and the United States, and has presented lectures and masterclasses at many leading institutions in North America and Europe.

Honour’s music has been described as “fast, frenetic, and fiendishly difficult” and performed around the world by such notable artists as Quintet Attacca, Winston Choi, the Thelema Trio, and Quartetto Musicattuale. His work as a composer has been recognized in many competitions, published by Roncorp, and recorded on the Capstone, Ravello, and Innova labels. Professor of music and director of the Center for Music Technology at the University of Central Missouri, his work as an audio engineer and producer appears on the Innova, Centaur, Ravello, Irritable Hedgehog, Orpheus Classical Music, Everview, North Star Appli, and E.M.E. Action labels, as well as on numerous independent releases.