Program Notes
Program notes:
This muti-media and 8-channel electronic work has been performed at SEAMUS 2014.

The work has 8-channel electronic music and live instrument performance and a video in the background. This is the link of the video of the work performed in the Jacobs School of Music on Dec. 8 2013.


“Karma” refers to the monastic activity the Tantric Buddhists use to deal with different issues – it can be understood as a Tantric Buddhist ceremony of praying for blessing. Therefore this piece can be defined as a ceremony for this whole auditorium and its audience, to ward off bad luck and to bring blessing.
The piece is a combination of the video, (displaying the abstract idea of “visualisation” or “contemplation” of the Buddhist practice) the people present, and the vajra and vajra bell as original sound sources as stage props present elements of the Tantric Buddhist teachings.

The piece has four parts, “the enchantment”, “the blessing”, “wake up with a start” and “after the bell”. The performer and the eight-channel sound evolves through different stages of the ceremony as the piece progresses, symbolizing the objective and the subjective body respectively, only the “contemplation” displayed on the video stays unchanged, thus representing the unity of the Buddhist philosophy, thought and form in an interactive multi-media form.

Biographical Sketch
Jinghong Zhang is from Shenzhen, China. He studied at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in Wuhan. He is now a student in the Master of Computer Music Composition program at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.