may i feel said he

Program Notes
"may i feel said he" was composed at the request of my good friend Craig Hultgren for performance on his electric cello. The piece utilizes ambient sounds, loops and the amplified voice of the cellist.

The poem, by E. E. Cummings, is a sing-song rhyme between a male and a female, each line ending with either “said he” or “said she”. What at first appears to be an innocent exchange between two adolescents is quickly turn on its head with the line “but your wife said she”, when we see that this conversation is not innocent, rather quite inappropriate. The climax of the poem comes in the last line, much in the style of a shocking Hollywood ending, when it is revealed that the woman, not the man, is the seducer with the words “(you are Mine said she)”.

The poem is a commentary on the struggle between the libido-driven man and the industrious woman. Both parties want something, and both achieve their goals; the man receives his desired reward of intercourse and the woman usurps the man’s false sense of control.

Biographical Sketch
Bryan Page received degrees from the University of Montevallo and Westminster Choir College. His music has been heard in Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, Chicago & Los Angeles and throughout the southeast. He has received commissions from The U.S. Army Trumpet Ensemble, the UAB Trumpet Ensemble, Metropolis Ensemble of New York City and ACM in Chicago. FIRST LIGHT for trumpet ensemble is published by Triplo Press. Bryan is Director of Music Ministry at Covenant Presbyterian Church and part-time lecturer at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. He and his wife Suzanne have two children, Jack and Sarah Frances.