Program Notes
Sister, now I can tell you this:
how I'd steal

into your room
days you were gone,

teeter on a chair
to reach the shelf,

pull the black box
down and unlatch it.

I'd stare at the disassembled parts:
each silver tube snug in red

velvet, click of fingered keys
rubbed bronze.

I lacked the adequate prayer
my lips might blow across you,

kneeling over your open casket.
Broken instrument, you are not sister

and you are not song. How
can I lift you now. Even if I knew

what notes to play, I haven't
the breath to make you music.
- Robert Fanning
text used with permission of the author

Biographical Sketch
Jay C. Batzner has been a source of irritation for musical biographers for more than three decades, due to his refusal to provide standardized biographical claptrap suitable for concert programs and musical encyclopedias. He further irritates in his refusal to adopt any musically dogmatic viewpoint, choosing instead to write music that "sounds good." – David D. McIntire