Program Notes

Iridescent (from Latin iris 'rainbow') Displaying a spectrum of luminous colors that shimmer and change due to interference and scattering as the observer's viewing angle changes.

Pearls, beetles, butterflies, cuttlefish and other cephalopods, hummingbirds, bornite, bismuth, soap bubbles, opals, DVDs and oil on wet pavement all exhibit iridescence caused by redirected light. Coloration caused by micro- or nano-structures is referred to as "structural color" and is a common cause of iridescence in the natural world.

I was fascinated by the diverse manifestations of iridescence in nature and by the physics of iridescence, which links color and structure. I was also struck by the poetry of it: it is only by looking at something from different angles that we fully appreciate its beauty and complexity. Iridescence contains textures that shimmer, or that were created with processes that parallel the diverse directions, angles, and fluctuations that produce iridescence.

Biographical Sketch
Dr. Linda Antas is a composer, computer music and audio specialist, flutist, and educator. Her compositions have been performed and broadcast around the world and are published on Media Café, TauKay, Centaur, and EMS labels. A Fulbright Fellowship recipient, Antas has also been recognized by the International Music Contest Citta' di Udine (TauKay Edizioni Musicali), and has received commissions from the International Computer Music Association, the Rind Fund, and internationally-renowned performers.
She has performed as a flutist at the National Flute Association Convention, the Phonos Foundation’s (Barcelona) “Instrumental-Electroacoustica VI Festival”, the Seattle Chamber Players’ “Icebreaker Festival”, and performed Elliot Carter's Esprit Rude / Esprit Doux with clarinetist Eric Mandat in celebration of the composer's 100th birth year. She regularly collaborates with a variety of visual and sound artists. She serves on the faculty of Montana State University and as Vice President for Membership of the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States.