Program Notes
We often view sloth as a purely pejorative term, but can sloth really be summed up as pure laziness? Below the surface, sloth is a failure to recognize a feeling of self-worth and ability to succeed. In effect, what reflects itself as laziness is a clouded, outward expression of our own feelings of emptiness and fear: our avoidance of failure. Ironically, although we view sloth as a lack of desire to accomplish, a burning desire to discover our own worth is often hidden just below the surface. Sloth was written for violinist Abderrahman Anzaldua for the La Rueda de los Pecados project.

Biographical Sketch
A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Adam Lenz is a composer and media artist currently pursuing a MM in Composition from the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, Connecticut. Here he is a Graduate Fellow in Electronic Music and studies composition under composer and sound artist Ken Steen. Adam holds a BM in Music Composition (2012) and a MA in Music History (2013) from Western Michigan University. Here he studied composition under the direction of Lisa Coons, Christopher Biggs, Richard Adams, Robert Ricci, and C. Curtis-Smith. In the summer of 2013, Adam was in residence as a participant in the Watermill International Summer Program in Water Mill, New York. Here he worked with avant-garde theater director and designer Robert Wilson and his guest collaborators. Adam’s work explores the intersections of concert music, installation art, performance art, and visual mediums. Working in this manner has led to an approach where the sonic and visual images are developed interdependently and work together to express a greater conceptual idea.