Program Notes
veiled investigates the aural landscape of a city. Sounds created by all forms of life become equal; ants and aquatic insects are heard among the facade of man. The work reaches beyond the typically obscured, utilizing exceptionally low and high sounds outside of human perception. Looking beyond the obstacles of what is easily seen or heard, we are offered the opportunity of new perspective.

Biographical Sketch
C.R. Kasprzyk is a composer and avid “bring your own bag” grocery shopper who also works with electronics, saxophone, video, and in free-improvisation. Deeply informed by his life as a vegan, he strives for an intangible parallel between a cognizance of one’s surrounding and work transcribed from (or inspired by) that environment. Kasprzyk’s work has been presented throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Alongside informal study with Alvin Lucier, Tristan Murail, Kaija Saariaho, Hans Tutschku and Trevor Wishart, he holds degrees from Grand Valley State University and the Peabody Conservatory. A former faculty member of Morgan State University and Bluefield College, Kasprzyk is currently pursuing his doctorate at Bowling Green State University.